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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 3, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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ay your vote was corroborated. thanks for being with us. bob scales will joy does your. good night fraaaaan out of time. >> mr. vice president if we don't act now it's going to be too late. >> there's a blurring between fiction and reality. because they have a political agenda. >> no new pipeline? >> no. actually this time no. >> americans control and own their own energy. >> and recycle. >> i am so empowered. >> shut down sea world. >> are your whales being in prison here. should they be free? >> they are succeeding. >> this is green
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(indiscernible). the that's our show. >> you can love nature, but still hate the tyranny the green movement now imposes. >> the proposed mind is a disaster waiting to happen. >> that ad comes from one of the richest environmental groups the nrdc. the national resources defense council. >> image the natural paradise destroyed by a 2,000 foot gaping hole in the ground. >> the man who wants to dig the hole is tom collier. he once once managed environmental policy for al gore and bill clinton. >> you consider yourself an environmental list? >> he saw opportunity in alaska. >> this is the single largest deposit of gold and silver that is not being developed in the entire world. >> not being developed because the epa stopped it. >> they are proposing killing our project before an environmental impact statement has been done.
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>> tom's firm hired hundreds of people to conduct a scientific study of this land so they could ask for permission to begin digging. usually the epa waits for that and does its own study before it determines the fate of a project. in this case the epa rejected the mine before he even got his application in. >> used to have 400 people working on it. >> yes. >> now? >> 3. >> like a ghost town here. >> myrtle ran graham's bed and breakfast. when pebble shut down she shut down, too. so did most of the village. >> there's nothing. there's no one here to lease. we are all stuck here. the people that live here without jobs without economy to build and wondering how we are going to survive. >> when pebble ramped up the rhymer lisa rhymer's company employed 250 people. now only 6 remain. >> when you see your people
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struggling and you have to let them go because there's no jobs here, and they are angry at you because they think it's your fault. it's really difficult. >> whose fault was it? the environmental groups. >> the environmental groups ran these ads. they make people believe on tv that everything was going to die. >> you are going to kill all of the salmon. >> the things that nrdc are talking about are from an age far in the past. now you can build a safe mine. there's two mines a sit on the edge of the river. it is the second largest salmon fisher ry in the world. no problem with salon. >> the nrdc got robert redford to say. >> the epa confirmed the devil mine copper mine would devastate crystal bayhris -- bristol bay. >> if you see something over and
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over on tv that's the information you get you start believing those lies. when you went to visited a mine we realize the it is not how they showed it on tv. >> huge earth and dams up to 60 stories tall holding back millions of tons of mining waste. >> enough to bury the city of seattle washington. all of the mine waste that would come out. >> it is sand behind the facility. it is not some massic toxic sludge it's sand. if the dam breaks, the sand doesn't go anywhere. i have never seen anybody do what the epa is doing. >> are you surprised? government always grows. >> not like this. >> these aren't evil people who want to hurt you. >> i believe they are in fact zealots. the they don't have to be evil but they decided to kill this project before any science had been done and there are memos that show that. >> there are incriminateing memos. nancy stoner an epa regulator
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who used to work for nrdc. she wrote her former colleagues. >> you can't directly ask me to meet with you, but if you ask somebody else and have a few people there then i can meet with you. >> the epa is supposed to be independent. >> they are very close aren't they? >> they are sleeping with each other. >> figuratively. nancy stoner leads nrdc goes to epa and immediately is involved in the decision to kill this mine when that's one of the top priorities of nrdc. >> nancy stoner did not respond to our question. she has now left the government and works for another environmental group. >> this mine would destroy 90 miles of streams. >> bob dean speaks for the nrdc. >> your people are working for the epa now and epa people come to work for the nrdc coning with big liberal legislators. >> they are the source and
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sometimes they take advantage of that. >> this is the beautiful bay they are worried about. i assume pebble mine was right next to the bay. no. it turns out it is 90 miles away, the distance between baltimore and philadelphia. >> it is frustrating for me for someone that does not live here come in here and dictate and tell us what we cannot do. because we live here. you are oo you are just wrecking poor people's lives. this would create jobs? >> krewe created 50000 new jobs putting upwind turbines solar panels and energy efficient cars. >> you also need copper and gold. those are jobs too. >> that's right. we have to weigh those risks. >> there are some mines where nrdc says great, go ahead. >> it is not -- is there any? >> it's not up to us to green light mines. >> is there any you don't complain about? >> oh, yeah sure. >> we asked him for some names.
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we are still waiting. >> listening to you i would think america would be uninhabitable. the mount blew up near bristol bay in 1912 one of the worst volcanoes ever. the volcano couldn't destroy bristol bay what do you think one carefully regulated mining company will. >> if volcanoes were operating for profit we would like to think they wouldn't awes natural de asers. >> it is okay if you don't build a road or drill oil or timber they are against everything. >> tim laporte runs an air taxi company. >> we get calls consistently for people looking for jobs. there are literally are no jobs in the area. >> matt rand works for pebble as a maintenance technicians. >> having pebble here gave people a reason to stay sober, to get up and do their job every day. to have responsibility and a sense of pride in the fact that they were bringing income to
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their families. >> pebble is one project environmentalists could stop. here is daryl hannah saying stop the keystone. >> the pipeline decision could be postponed. >> the lack of progress on the keystone xl pipeline. >> it was 7 years ago when he first decided to apply for a petition to build the pipeline. >> activists chained themselves to the complement to stop them from getting the oil. >> it is the only industry that will lead us to is a toxic one. >> when your bulldozers true i to cross our line every single person will be here saying no. not in our land. not in our water. >> jane cleaver activist so far stopped keystone to their state. >> how much have you slowed down? >> i think we have slowed it down 6 years here. >> if president obama tomorrow says okay go ahead. would it be built? >> not in februarynebraska.
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they couldn't lay an ounce of pipe becausefor 3 years because of all of the legal challenges. >> i have come to oil town. >> south along the pipeline route the president stops at curbing, okay cushing oklahoma. they delayed the pipeline. today he says he would speed the process. >> i am going to cut the red tape break through and get it done. >> he approved the pipeline. but only from oklahoma to texas. >> it was very exciting. hotels popped up. restaurants were packed. >> but then. >> president obama vetoed a bill from congress to authorize construction of the keystone xl pipeline. >> this company had a contract to build keystone's pipes. now they sit in a warehouse. the owner calls it a steel waste land. >> you can see the dust that has collected over the years. there's probably 3-4 million
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dollars ready waiting to put in the ground. we have probably another million dollars worth of equipment sitting outside just waiting. >> they want as many pipelines they can get to make as much money they want. >> you have seen the chart with all of the pipelines. this is what powered our prosperity. >> we have enough oil in the united states right now. >> you are depriving people of actual shovel ready jobs, thousands of them nower saying stop? >> we are. you are right about 2,000 construction jobs would be generated by building keystone excel. >> they want to bring in more life saving oil. >> no more carbon solution producing oil rather than us in the united states saying no. actually this time no. >> people used to say you can build just not in my backyard. now it's roughly build absolutely nothing anywhere near anybody. >> with keystone and projects like yours i would think somebody who would want to build
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something would say don't come to america. >> they are saying it already. this is green tyranny. >> the tyrants get their way. keystone and the pebble mines are stopped. >> you shouldn't be for research. you shouldn't be for development. you shouldn't be for anything to better your life or have a good life. you should just shut up and go back to living the way we think you should. god gave us the minerals. he didn't just put it there for no reason. this is our home. we don't want anything to happen to it. >> coming up... >> lots of people pay to come here and see that. some people call it a crime against nature. what's the truth? ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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>> climate change is getting worse. >> it can cost us the planet. just look out the window. >> it is a hot day in your tiny piece of the world? how shallow is that. >> what does it mean when we hear. >> the debate is settled. >> 9 # 7 percent. >> 97 percent. >> 9 # 7 percent of scientists
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agree. >> of course i believe in global warming. >> he agrees the globe is warm. >> 97 percent of scientists that global warming is real and people have something to do with it. >> climate changes. >> climate changes. it is up 4 degrees. it is what is called a little ice age hundreds of years ago. up 2 degrees over the past century. the real question is, is it dangerous? is it going to harm people? there is not a # 7 percent consensus on that? >> of course there's not. there's no consensus of fear mongering like that. the>> if we lose the ice caps you know how high the water would be? it would come up to the statue of liberty's elbow. >> even they don't predict the 20 feet that kneel de grass tyson and al gore predicted. we invited them to make their points on the program. only one bill numol agreed. he worries about the hot car
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effect. where you put your car in the sun 70 degrees outside you get inside it's 140 how did it happen. that's exactly what's happening with the atmosphere. >> the climate model that got the government so excited has been totally wrong so far. >> they are better than economic models. >> they are both bad. >> i object to that conclusion. >> why should we turn our lives upside down based on bad models? >> last time carbon dioxide i'd was this eye in the past sea levels were 20 feet higher than they are now. >> that was back before humans existed. >> it will resume warmth. >> we don't care whether it warms a degree in the last 60 years. the it warmed a degree in the last 100 years. life expectancy doubled. >> a few degrees warming might be good. >> it might be depending where you are. >> cold waves kill more people than heat waves. >> how many tens of people died
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in europe in 2003 in the heat wave. >> tens of thousands did die. heat can kill. but more people die from cold. cdc says heat kills 600 americans a year. cold kills more than twice that many. >> this budget requests 1.1 to address climate change. >> agency doesn't get money going in front of the congressional committee and say my issue isn't really a problem. got to give the money to somebody else. instead issues compete with each other for your money. you have to scare them. >> we have to act in this decade as someone who gets paid to do research i am excited i am going to go home and have fun. to summarize we have much scientific confidence more men are contributing to sea level rise. >> live through the ozone hole global warming but the global warming scare has longer legs
12:19 am
because it has more money. >> that gives climate alarmists the reason to squash. >> there is still a debate over the science. there is not. >> i bought what they were saying. >> judith curie is a climate scientist at georgia tech. she she once agreed to the fear mongering. >> what changed? >> climate gate. >> top scientists a group of... >> esteemed scientists were strategizing to squash their opponents. i thought why should i believe this instead of my own judgment? what scientists actually agree on is a very narrow slice of things. yes, temperatures have been increasing over all for the last several houn years. >> no doubt. >> that carbon dioxide does act to warm the planet. there is no agreement as to whether warming is dangerous or not. >> for that you were one of the
12:20 am
targets of the congressman saying show us. >> 7 climate skeptics were branded her ticks in order to reveal all of their sources of fun. curie abandoned science. >> this is after praising me and pushing me a few years ago as the prestigious -- >> you have the wrong opinions now. >> i was trying to be honest as a scientist. it was very unpopular with a lot of my dollcolleagues. they were trying to squash people who disagreed with them. >> they have succeeded. >> i get e-mails from people all of the time who wish they could speak out. >> what are they worried about? >> losing their jobs. >> it is dangerous to ascend when they have religious zeal. >> this is the moment when the rise of the ocean began to slow and our planet began to heal. >> admit it, it's a religion. the head of the united nations climate said it was his religion. >> when you admit greenhouse
12:21 am
gases you feel like you are committing a sin? >> i suppose if i was a preacher we would say we are all sinners but there's redemption in the future. >> what is redemption? >> my wife and i decided to build a zero net house in new england. >> but it is expensive>> oo. >> it is tax free money for me. >> taxpayers subsidize you and me. i did it, too. what's fair about that? it just hurts the poor. i ask all of these nobel prize winners what do we do to help the world? addressing climate change was way down on the list. a million people die from dysentery. >> absolutely. >> hoarble things that are killing people now. >> that would be cheap to fix, by the way. >> that's where we worry about global warming. >> but it is not an either or thing. >> government action is an either or thing. if we want to help people we ought to do what really helps.
12:22 am
>> that is not subsidizing solar power at homes or windmills. instead it is using something these green protestors hate. >> excuse me. this is private property. >> the fight over the best fuel next.
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>> you have been told fossil fuels oil, gas, they are evil. >> at this demonstration one man had a servenerve to hold a sign saying i love fossil fuel. the protestors ripped it out of his hand. >> this is private property. later he tries to convince them fossil fuels are good. >> they are far cheaper more pleasantively more reliable. >> most protestors don't want to hear it. they know it is bad. >> fossil fuel is not real.
12:27 am
in the long run that's not going to help. >> green tie ranteds tell them to be. >> i have made an unrefuted case it is going to destroy us if we keep doing what we are doing. >> this activist is bill mckibbins mckibbins. he speaks at campus after campus, but this speech was a little different because there was one opposing viewpoint. >> fossil fuels are absolutely essential. >> he said the fossil fuel industry which is the industry that makes all of our lives possible is public enemy number one. >> he says it is more rabbleal to use ifs ill fuel. green tyrants don't like to debate so he offered him money. >> i will pay him 10 grand and give him a debate at duke university. >> i am glad students heard
12:28 am
things like this. >> this is a piece of coal. all fossil fuel energy is taking this rock and figuring out how to use it to charge your iphone or to power your car. i think that is amazing. >> it is amazing but it pal lieutenants. >> this is what we do on live television. >> it doesn't give us a safe climate that we are making dangerous. it gives us a dangerous climate that we are making safe. >> certainly safer. >> even if the globe is warmed crime related deaths dropped by a lot. by 98 percent it dropped. >> drought used to be the biggest crime relateclimate related killers. fossil fuels allow trucks to bring fuel to people who once starved and they fight drought with fossil fuel irrigation pumps. >> still global warming may become a big problem.
12:29 am
>> the worst predictions if they never materialized what will be the harm that is done from having made the decision to respond to it? >> what's the harm? kerry was giving that speech in indonesia. they haven't been able to use coal they would be desperately poor. >> the protestors don't think about that. the green tyrants convinced them other fuels were just as good. renewables really work. it means they control and own their own energy. >> politicians give their money to people who sell wind power and solar power. >> we have to develop new sources of energy. >> europe did that first the wind doesn't always blow and clouds sometimes block the sun. electricity prices went way up. >> now in europe? >> they are reinvesting in fossil fuels. >> they are building more coal capacity than ever to compensate
12:30 am
for the renewables they can rely on. sometimes there's too much sometimes there are too many. >> activists point out renewables are improving. they provide 13 percent of american's electricity. >> when people think renewable they think solar and wind. that is is minuscule percentage. it is mostly hydro. >> it kills fish. >> the sierra club listed the most proud accomplishment it listed all of the dams it shut down. >> in the future cars can be powered by hazelnuts. that's considering considering an 8 ounce czar of hazelnuts costs $9. >> he made the best arguments ever. after all it belongs to a group that attacks fossil fuels. >> next what should be done
12:31 am
about these whales imprisoned at sea world. i am told these whales are snashed snatched from their mothers and cruelly treated just so people can make montruth?
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>> millions go to sea world to get close to killer whales. but then two years ago the documentary black fish appears. >> exposing the darker side of the theme park. >> the movie tells how baby whales are captured greedy businessmen. >> we are only after the little one. >> they had bombs thrown in the water to hurt the whales. but the other kins had been caught before and they knew the young ones would be taken from them. >> like kidnapping a little kid from their mother. i can't think of anything worse than that. >> cnn bought the documentary
12:36 am
and ran it again and again. >> all whales have a bad life. they are all psychologically traumatized. >> these people say free the whale. >> i don't want the industry to get a dime of any family's money. sea world is synonymous with hurting animals. >> something cnn it is down by a million. the stock price dropped 40 percent. >> is he world wouldn't talk to the black fish producers but they would talk to us. >> see world separates mothers from their babies. >> we haven't done that in 35 years. >> theyshe said it is deceit will. >> sea world's veterinarian says this is the life they know.
12:37 am
>> 808 percent of the whales were born right here. the key difference between what our whales experience over their lives and what killer whales in the wild experience is the fact that there are people there. our trainers are there working with them every day. >> black fish claims the dorr sill fins prove the whales are sad and unhealthy. >> dorsal collapse happens in one percent of wild killer whales. >> i have never in 20-years seen the shape of a dorr sill fin effect a whale's well-being. >> when it gets warm and is out of the water more it takes on a new conform may gos. >> why doesn't it happen in the wild? >> they spend more time on the surface because that's where their trainers are. >> biologist lori marino did. >> all whales in captivity have a bad life. >> all of them.
12:38 am
>> this competition for space food sex. >> it is not all perfect. but these animals evolved over millions of years to be adaptive to deal with the challenges in the wild not the concrete tank. this he need space a social life. they don't have to do shows and stupid pet tricks. >> are your whales being crewally imprisoned here? >> they say whales kept in marine parks are miserable? how will we know? we can't ask the whales what they think. >> we don't speak whale or tiger or monkey. >> no, i don't speak whale. i know the whales are doing well because i interact with them each and every day. >> maybe they are miserable? >> they breathe, they swim they play. they anticipate seeing us and enjoy interacting with us. >> the vet points out we know if
12:39 am
our pet dog is happy. >> i may not know what my dog is thinking i know that he is happy and we have a good relationship. >> sea world's whales have done violent things. >> an employee is dead. >> this whale grabbed trainer dog brancho by her pony tail pulled her under and drowned her. >> they never gave any idled reach pull something and pull her in the water. >> he killed your friend. >> yes he did. >> he did not do what he did because he was frustrated. he found himself with a person in his environment and he was not conditioned the proper way to respond. >> another charge from the movie. >> the life-spans are much shorter in sea world than in the wild. >> the marine specialist we
12:40 am
contacted didn't corroborate that. as sea world points out. >> we have a 50-year-old whale sieving in san diego. we have whales in their 40's our whale's life parameters are the same as whales in the wild. >> to me the most up setting part of the movie is seeing a mother whale cry when her child is taken from her. >> she stayed in the corner of the pool like literally shaking and screaming. >> how can any one look at that and think that that is morally acceptable. >> is itt turns out the film faked that. they added the sad cry. >> sound effects that aren't even appropriate to a killer whale. >> this footage isn't of the right whale. this whale doesn't live in the same city. >> they have absolutely made up something that would never happen. the level of accusation, the level of untruth that is being
12:41 am
brought towards us. >> many animal rights protestors want whales free. that wouldn't work out so well. >> it would be awful for tillie if you were to free tillie. >> the greatest adventure of the summer. >> remember the movie free willie? it aroused so much sympathy willie was freed. a trainer helps free him. but once free wild whales wouldn't allow him in their pod. so willie kept returning to shore to seek contact with people, not long after he was free he died. >> still if black fish is deceitful it raises a good question. is it right to keep animals like these in what is basic cages? >> is it okay to i am prison animals and gape at them and charge admission to gape at them. >> i don't want to pay to see animals in cages. >> many people protesting sea world say there should be no zoo. >> it is hard to justify them
12:42 am
any more. >> what if we got rid of zoos? >> we are effecting kids. i was infected in the first experience at a zoo and a fir giraffe bent down. i was forever changed i am going to work with animals. these people are having that experience. >> they fund money from the oh kau shows fund animal conservation. >> the only way we can preserve animals in the wild is to better understand them. the only way to better under and them and fall in love with them is in a place like sea world where you can see them eye to eye. >> we have had quite an effect. the impact on the people that come here is worth billions because they are going to go out and be different people. they are going to care. >> next, the propaganda the green tyrants make our thirnchildren walk. >> there may be no alternative but to cancel chri
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right now, save $300 to $700 on select mattress sets, plus 36-month special financing. ends monday! know better sleep with sleep number. >> you guy to the movies these days you will hear lolthsts of scary things. >> we have never been hit by a storm quite like this. global warming is an unprecedented event. >> they have gone hand in hand.
12:47 am
>> murk mir ran no a journalist who tries to fight the fear mongering calls this propaganda from people who want government to control life. >> mr. vice president if we don't act now it is going to be too late. >> when you call propaganda they say they are informing people. >> they are not informing people. they are using environmental scares to achieve ends they have been trying to do since the 1950's. >> this is the aeks words we heard they said it is pessimistic politicians won't a kt in time in order to prevent the coming climate cat cast fee. >> at the u.n. a movie actor. >> the oceans are acid fying. >> leonardo dicaprio said i will fly all over the world in order to flight global warming. he didn't quite get the
12:48 am
disconnect. >> what you got. >> the most successful movie ever is this one. av car's villain is a mining company. >> this gray rock sells for 20 million a kilo. >> to get it the miners will destroy the indigenous people's land. >> the savages are threatening our 'ole operation. >> james cameron. >> went down to protest hydroelectric gas which would have brought electricity and flew back home to hollywood where he had mansions and private planes. he's living a high carbon lifestyle yet he is willing to deny the progress to those people. >> we asked dicaprio and cameron's representatives about their hypocrisy but they didn't respond. >> hollywood tells kids to fight environmental destruction to get in the way. >> nothing to stop them from
12:49 am
bulldozing to another. >> you have to start thinking like an outlaw. >> terrorism porn for children. >> this is a movie that shows kids going in and ravaging construction sites. >> you have to stop this construction once and for all. >> we are the only ones who care. >> we are the only ones who know. >> at least we can look at that and say that is fiction. it is supposed to be fiction. >> this isn't supposed to be. the new york times climate report is a greenpeace news time. >> they are growing wilder and running out of time and the worst is yet to come. >> in tv storms are not just bad they are historic. >> historic crippling and catastrophic. >> historic. >> historic. >> historic snow day. >> climate change causes so many problems. >> cnn asked was this astroid caused by global warming? >> what's coming our way? is this an effect of perhaps global warming?
12:50 am
oo there's a blurring between fiction and reality because they have a political agenda. >> this is what would happen in florida. >> climate signists laughed at those claims but kids don't know that. today at school. >> they watched it over and over. we have had children who had to sit through al gore's film four times in four different classes. >> global warming or none like it hot. >> the kids also watch the story of stuff. the it explains how radio is made. >> the metal was probably mined in south africa. the petroleum was probably drilled in iraq. >> story of stuff that has been viewed 40 million times. it says if you buy a radio. >> these people pay for the loss of clean air people in the congo are paying with their future. >> i am sorry i bought a radio. >> the technology behind it they
12:51 am
are calling progress for these con troys exploitation. >> this was shown at the u.s. the little girl watches the news and learns because of man her world will fall apart. ohiowe kids are scared. >> they are very scared. they have pictures of santa claw's home melting. >> nobody better tell kids don't be scared. >> when you are teaching your children about global warming they are going to be told there's one view and the view is we face a climate danger and we must act. >> lots of people are eager to act to save the planet like this woman. >> i don't produce any trash and i haven't for the past two plus years. >> really? no trash? what's the point? that's ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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>> i recycle. it makes me feel good. but what i do is nothing compared to what florence singer does. >> i don't produce any trash and i haven't for the past two plus years. >> no trash in two years? a little. >> all of the trash that i have produced can fit inside of a mason jar. >> this she says is it. everything else she reused,
12:56 am
recycled or come posted. >> where do you come post? >> i keep my come post in my freezer. i will show you if you want. >> the freezer? >> it is like any frozen food. it won't breakdown. >> it is supposed to breakdown. >> i bring this to the market where they do a city wide come posting. >> she buys coffee. >> would you mained making it in here for me? >> she brings a mason jar every where. >> to avoid what she calls industrial chemicals. she makes her own cosmetics. >> this is the lotion i make for myself. it is a whipped body butter. if you smell it it smells kind of chocolatey. >> you put that on your face? >> it fells chocolatey. >> everything i learned at environmental class at nyu. >> it has sustainability across the curriculum. >> they have 90 sustainability
12:57 am
relate the courses. >> after lauren graduated she put this up on kick start. >> i was an environmental science major in college. i not only wanted to learn it but i wanted to live it. >> people donated 41,000 dollars which she used to start her sustainable products business. >> what does sustainability mean? >> holly frequent well is annoyed by claims made by the sustainability crap. >> you get the feeling they are better than somebody else they are protecting the better more. >> em staining the earth. i am using less of it. i am leaving it for my grandchildren. >> all recycling isn't necessarily good and not environmental will he benign. >> in order to see cycle glass bottles we ship down to golden colorado. that's a long ways. we are using more energy than it takes to start from scratch. >> after los angeles mandated recycling they discovered they needed 400 garbage trucks to
12:58 am
pick up the new containers. >> we have twice as many garbage trucks picking up garbage con making their own pollutants. >> using aluminum saves energy. just about everything else is a scam? >> when we talk about recycling glass we are talking about replacing sand. one of the most abundant materials on earth. >> glass is made of sand. there's infinite sand around. who care ifs we recycle glass. doesn't make a difference. >> average american produce 4.4 pounds of trash a day. >> what if they produce four pounds? >> we have to create more and moreland fills and they aren't free. >> lots of people believe america will soon run out of landfill space. but it is not true. >> we are not running out of landfill space. we have moreland fill space than we have historically ever had. >> how can there be more space? >> we have created the lapped fills that are safe and they
12:59 am
have liners in them so they won't perm nate into the ground once we do that we seal it up and we put a park on top. >> a park or ski resort or a beach near boston all built on landfills. >> all of america's garbage for the next 100 years would fit on ted turners with 50,000 acres to spare. >> you could put all of the world trash for the next 1,000 years into one 15 mile landfill. there's a lot of room out there. >> that doesn't make it okay. >> why not? it sits and you build ski mountains over it. >> i freeprefer to do things with the way the earth is in homeostasis. >> it is nice to live in a country where young people can afford to pay more for organic food and they have free time as they wash everything by hand and feel empowered by living what they call a sustainable life. >> i had no idea it was possible to live without producing trash.
1:00 am
when i learned that i was like wow i am so empowered. >> that's our show. let's not let the green tyrants run or lives. thanks for wllowing is a paid advertisement for time life's music collection. (male vocalist #1) ♪ at the hop ♪ ♪ well, you can rock it you can roll it, do the stomp and even stroll it at the hop ♪ ♪ when the record starts a-spinnin', you chalypso and you chicken at the hop ♪ ♪ do the dance sensations that are sweeping the nation at the hop ♪ hi, i'm little anthony from little anthony and the imperials. you know, in the late '50s and early '60s it didn't matter where you went to high school. east coast, west coast middle of the country, you shared a common experience. during the year, on a friday or saturday night, you went to your school dance. (sam cooke) ♪ twistin', twistin', everybody's feeling great ♪


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